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beroemd Full Metal Jacket (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) 3oLs4G76

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Stan Kubrick's 1987 take on Vietnam is a strange disorientating 'wriggle' through film genres and human psyche alike and the movie ends up as a kind of docu-drama road movie where the protagonists are being wasted one by one. The original score is by Abigail Mead. Admittedly she only had to come up with a few eerie underscore themes but they do their job although unaided by images her mid-1980s samples sound a bit dated. The title track is a groovy medley over the Marine training camp's hilarious marching songs--a nice header to the album. The 'Ruins' theme is an illustrative piece of film music and 'Sniper' a classic emotion-trigger. The soundtrack's covers-inventory has obvious post punk characteristics the only music from the period is the raunchy 'I Like It Like That'. Stones classic 'Paint It Black' never made it through the copyright trap which is a shame but lovers of grunge can enjoy 'Surfin' Bird' by the Trashmen and 'Woolly Bully' all the same. The sickeningly sentimental pro-war Country smoocher 'Hello Vietnam' by Johnny Wright and Nancy Sinatra's reminder to the 'gooks' what's in store 'These Boots Are Made For Walking' illustrate Kubrick's dark sense of humour as does the Dixie Cups' 'Chapel Of Love'. I--Yngvil V.G. /I