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modern I Did My Best: Greatest Hits by Dane Cook cswwz3W5

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BRDisc 1BR1: Struck By a VehicleBR2: Car AccidentBR3: Car AlarmBR4: B&EBR5: BathroomBR6: Not So Kool-aidBR7: The Friend Nobody LikesBR8: PedophilesBR9: Creepy Guy @ WorkBR10: Role PlayBR11: My 1 RegretBR12: RobeBR13: My Son Optimus PrimeBR14: Operation - MonopolyBR15: Benson's Animal FarmBR16: The BK LoungeBR17: HatersBR18: I Did My BestBRDisc 2BR1: The Nothing FightBR2: Tw*t SwattersBR3: The Truth About LyingBR4: A Condom?BR5: W.W.Y.D.I.??BR6: Someone S t On the CoatsBR7: Umm Helllllo?BR8: Heist/MonkeyBR9: Would You Rather. . .BR10: Video Game Strip ClubBR11: Speak 'N' SpellBR12: Let's Do This I'm a CashewBR13: Where's the Handle?BR14: The AtheistBR15: 50BR16: Hot Air BalloonBR17: Robot LegBR18: Spa MusicBR19: Jerking and Jilling Off